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About the Egg Whisperer

As a Bay Area California based fertility doctor, each day Dr. Aimee hears story after story from women struggling to conceive. In her attempt to alleviate some of this heartbreak, she has gone on a mission of “fertility awareness”. Her hope is to empower women at an early age, making them more aware of their own personal fertility levels and allowing them to be better educated about their options. Never again does she want to hear “If I had known 10 years ago that my egg reserves were running low, I would have done…

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The Egg Whisperer Fertility Awareness Panel is the best way to get a glimpse of what is going on with your hormones.  It is the “H” in Dr. Aimee’s TUSHY Method.

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Get Started

Step 1

Start with the Egg Whisperer Fertility Awareness Panel

Pick your nearest Quest draw station and have your blood drawn on Cycle Day 3 for evaluation of:

FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
AMH (anti-mullerian hormone)

We will email you the labslip and fax it directly to the Quest draw station for your convenience. Click here to learn how to determine your cycle day 3.


Step 2

Schedule your Egg Whisperer Consult

During your 15 minute consult (either phone or videoconference), Dr. Aimee will review your results and ask questions to learn more about you as an individual.

Afterwards, she will be able to formulate a plan and make recommendations regarding your fertile potential.


Step 3

Put your plan into action

Based on your consult with Dr. Aimee, you now have an informed insight into your fertile potential and when egg freezing should be considered.

Should it be in the near future, you are welcome to continue your egg freezing process with Dr. Aimee or we can recommend fertility clinics in your area.